At August Martin, we provide rigorous, high-quality curricula aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards and other New York State standards. Our principal and staff have adapted our curriculum specifically to meet the unique needs of our scholars.

Common Core Curriculum

Common Core is a set of consistent, nationwide standards developed to ensure all scholars have the skills required in math and the English Language Arts to succeed in college and meet the expectations of modern businesses. Learn more about Common Core>>>

Honors and Advanced Placement Courses

Scholars recommended by their teachers may select from a variety of honors and AP course offerings to challenge and stretch them intellectually. 

Honors courses: science, foreign language, math, social studies, and English language arts

AP courses: English, biology, American history, calculus, and more

AP courses also allow scholars to earn college credit depending on their exam score and the AP acceptance policy of the college they choose. Learn more by visiting our Advanced Placement page.

Career and Technical Education

CTE courses introduce and prepare scholars for high-wage, high-skill, and high-demand careers. At August Martin, we offer CTE programs in aviation and the culinary arts. Learn more about our CTE programs>>>

Physical Education and Health

Throughout high school, scholars participate in seven terms of P.E. where they learn how to play and participate in a variety of activities and sports. Scholars strengthen the body and develop team and leadership skills through these activities. 

Additionally, scholars take a single-term health course where they learn about healthy eating habits and how to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle and avoid harmful behaviors.

Fine Arts

The arts can connect us with our roots, delight the senses, and serve as an outlet to express who we are. Scholars explore art through a variety of mediums from pencil and paper to stylus and screen.

Foreign Language

Learning a second (or third) language is a valuable skill in our increasingly connected world. We offer Spanish and French language options.