Extracurricular Activities

We encourage our scholars to get involved and become active participants in maximizing their education. Scholars who participate in extracurricular activities open themselves to many opportunities as they engage in safe and productive activities.

Clubs and Committees

Joining a club or committee is a great way to make new friends who share your interests; develop leadership, organizational, and social skills; and fully engage in the high school experience.

We offer:

  • Mock Trial
  • Yearbook Committee
  • Public Color
  • Peer Helpers—Tutoring, mediation, and conflict resolution
  • Talent Show Committee
  • Leadership opportunities

Athletics Program

In addition to physical benefits, scholars who participate in sports develop leadership skills, personal accountability, and the ability to function as a team. Stop by our Athletics page for more information.

Child Center of New York

The Child Center of New York is a community school provider offering high quality academic instruction, extended learning opportunities, and access to vital healthcare services (including behavioral health in the form of on-site, school-based mental health clinics). Learn all about the beneficial programs and services provided by CCNY.