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Choosing where to attend high school is a huge decision with far-reaching effects. We understand the importance of making the right choice, and we are here to help you through that process. See what August Martin has to offer you.

Our Goal

The goal of August Martin is to bring educational access and opportunity to all of our scholars. We accomplish this by building upon an existing skillset and providing academic content that engages our scholars in interdisciplinary learning experiences. Our educational community nurtures a lifelong love of learning as scholars prepare for successful experiences in college and career.

Relevant Curriculum

Our CTE academies engage scholars in curriculum specific to their interests. Scholars gain relevant experience designed to develop college and career readiness in our Aviation and Technology and Culinary Arts paths. Learn more about our CTE academies when you visit the Special Programs page. 

Community Partnerships

Through various partnerships, we engage the community in the educational mission of the school. By building authentic relationships with our partners, we provide support for families in the community we serve. Learn more about these programs on our Community Based Organizations page.

Advisory Program

The advisory program provides scholar advocates and develops school-family liaisons. Advisory offers support and guidance as scholars begin to take responsibility for their own learning and personal growth. See how we accomplish this by visiting our Student Support Services page.