Special Programs

Scholars at August Martin High School have the opportunity to participate in our Career & Technical Education (CTE) Program to gain career specific skills. We also accommodate and serve our scholars with special needs and disabilities.

CTE Program Vision

August Martin scholars will acquire knowledge and skills through Common Core standard-based teaching that integrates experiential, project and work-based instruction, and internship experiences.

CTE Career Pathways

We offer the culinary and aviation career pathways. These will provide scholars with academic and technical preparation to pursue high-demand and high-skill careers in growing industries. Scholars will graduate with the know-how to begin a career as a product tester, dietetic technician, personal chef, food inspector, registered dietitian, food journalist, technical writer, pilot, military leader, flight instructor, and more. Get all the details, including the timeline, from our Course Descriptions.

Culinary Academy
Scholars prepare for real-world jobs in the culinary arts under the tutelage of an accomplished professional in our state-of-the-art kitchen. Scholars hone and test skills as they compete in local and national culinary competitions for scholarship money. 

Special Education

Our campus site is functionally accessible. We provide scholars with disabilities the supports and services indicated in their Individual Education Plan (IEP). Read more about the special education program from the NYC Department of Education Accessibility web page.

English Language Learners

We offer the English as a Second Language (ESL) program to our English Language Learner (ELL) scholars. Learn more about this program from the NYC Department of Education English Language Learners web page.