Behavior Code

This school will be a place of learning. There must be an atmosphere based on mutual respect, concern, and a desire to get the best education possible. 


  • We expect students to be courteous and to respect the property, personal rights, and feelings of others. We will not tolerate fighting, profanity, vandalism, or harassment.
  • We expect students to be in class, on time, and to demonstrate courteous behavior respectful of each individual’s right to learn in an orderly environment.
  • We expect students to be prepared with notebooks, textbooks, and completed assignments every school day. We require students to return their textbooks at the end of term.

School Rules

  • At all times, students must carry, and show upon request of any staff member, a program card and student ID. We prohibit the alteration or defacement of these items.
  • We require students to carry a pass, and show it upon request, when not in a classroom.
  • We prohibit smoking, gambling, and alcohol use, as well as the possession of pepper spray or other harmful substances.
  • Students may not bring or wear items identified with gangs such as scarves, bandannas, beads, or clothing with names or symbols.
  • We do not allow cellular phones, beepers, or other electronic devices in the building. Possession of these items will lead to confiscation and returned to parents at the next scheduled PTA meeting.

Tardiness and Attendance

We require attendance, punctuality, and effort in order to be successful in school.

  • Admittance after 10:00 a.m. requires a note from a parent or guardian. 
  • Cutting means missing any class on your program.
  • Lateness to school or class requires a late pass. 
  • Make appointments (doctor, dentist, etc.) after the school day.

Chancellor’s Regulations

Weapons – We do not permit students to carry weapons. This includes knives, guns, switchblades, razor blades, box cutters, laser devices, chukka sticks, spiked belts, bracelets, or chains. 

The penalty for a student found in possession of any of these items is a superintendent’s suspension, which involves a hearing at the Department of Education Hearing Office. 

City law states that possession of large knives (and sharp, pointed instruments) is a menace to the public health, safety, and welfare of the people of the city. Violation of the law may result in arrest.

We also define the wearing of three or more articles of finger jewelry as a weapon. 

We remind students that the police department may view imitation weapons (such as toy guns, cigarette lighters that look like guns, etc.) as potential weapons.

Controlled Substances – Use or sale of drugs or alcohol will result in administrative and legal action.

Principal’s Suspension – Suspension of a student from school (as determined and approved by the principal) will not exceed five school days. 

Superintendent’s Suspension –Suspension from school for a period to be determined by the superintendent’s office. Conduct that may result in such suspension includes: possessing or using weapons; using force against school personnel; inflicting serious injury to another person; possessing, selling, or using illegal drugs or controlled substances; and engaging in behavior that creates a substantial risk or results in injury.

Scanning – Scanning takes place daily. All students must submit to scanning; refusal to do so may result in a suspension.